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A Dose

of vay

I am currently in college majoring in social work in hopes of becoming a therapist! But, with depression being on the rise within the world, I thought why wait 3 more years to start when I can start now? Depression is a tough situation to get out of, especially if you don’t have the right support & is going through it alone - so I understand why or how some people may succumb to it because I was the same way! In the past, I would prefer to suffer alone than tell a soul I was drowning, because I didn't know who really cared. In your head you’re thinking if a person really loved or cared for you, how did they not notice that you’re hurting? Why have they never checked on you? Why have they never tried to help - with so many other whys & how's, but sometimes we don’t realize how well we hide our pain & suffering for the simple fact we don’t know how to tell or show nobody our pain without feeling weak or like we’re complaining or worrying somebody. We simply just don’t know or understand what we feel ourselves. Pain runs deep. The more you hide it, the deeper it’ll get & the deeper it gets, the stronger it’ll hurt. It took me 23 years to realize it’s okay to not be okay.  This is why I’m trying to start my own organization because I want people to understand that there are genuine people out here that understands & truly care about them. Nobody should ever feel alone in a world so big. I know the way the world is set up today makes it harder to trust, but there are still people out here with hearts so big, pure, genuine & full of love. So pleaseeeee if you’re ever feeling down & out, please reach out to me. We all have a sad story & just because yours might not be as sad as another’s doesn’t make it invalid!


My mission is to give people like you a chance to feel heard! I want people to leave knowing that they matter and that they are important to the world.


My vision is to impact lives from all over the world. I want women and men, of all ages, to feel open to express themselves with me. I want to save the lives of beautiful souls who have been misled to believing that they aren't valued.

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